It has come to my knowledge that a lot of people want to know the price for an ounce of weed. I will attempt to explain how the pricing of marijuana works. Generally it depends on the severity of the laws for your location. If the cannabis laws in your town are strict you can expect the prices to be high, if it is well accepted then you can expect to pay a fairly low price for an ounce of weed. If the laws are lenient people are not scared to grow large amounts of this dank herb, if they are strict laws, people will be scared to go to jail so there will be less growers around which can lower supply and increase demand. Whether it is an ounce, half ounce, or gram of weed, this rule will always be king.

ounce-of-weed-priceMarijuana Blog – Cannaberg.com, is a website designed to monitor marijuana prices by weight and location. Not sure where you’re going to find your next weed hook-up, and how much cash it’s going to cost you? This global mapping site can help you in your dilemma. Google Maps Mania spotlights Cannaberg, a site in beta that shows the price of weed by the ounce, including details about grade and strain.

There has always been the issue of getting ripped off when purchasing your stash, especially when traveling or in unknown territory. Consulting the weed map can potentially assist you with a wiser decision when it comes to the cost of marijuana by the ounce, half ounce, and gram. Visitors can easily zoom into their current location and view what others have paid for weed.

Visitors are capable of viewing prices as far north as the Yukon in Canada and as far south as California and Florida. If we zoom in to L.A, smokers using Cannaberg have a large local selection, and should be spending about $180-$250 an ounce, depending on strain and quality. With the recent downfall of the medical marijuana dispensary in L.A. imminent, mind you, services like this might end up seeing an increase in user-generated content.

One of the new features which has been recently implemented is the “live chat”, allowing users to exchange knowledge on their locations. Users can log into the chat without creating a password or providing any kind of personal information, resulting in a completely anonymous service. This chat can be quite useful to you next time you need to re-up on your weed batch, whether locally or on a venture far away from home.

The site which is also sporting a “market snapshot” shows the average price of weed by the ounce for USA, Canada and UK, in real-time. The price for an ounce of weed, is calculated using the postings on the map and are updated according to the most recent posts. The website which launched February 9, 2012 is expected to be deploying new features and ways to visualize cannabis financial news in the near future.

Services like this are very new to the cannabis economy and proving to be helpful and informative; with a lot of potential for growth you can be sure to see significant changes and interesting updates on these kinds of websites as the market becomes more competitive. Cannaberg can be found on multiple social networks, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as social news sites like reddit and hackernews.

Average Price for an Ounce of Weed

Currently the price for an ounce of weed on the west coast of the states is cheaper than price-for-ounce-of-weedthe east, around $180 – $250 for some dank, compared to on the east coast which is at around $350 per OZ. If we go north into Canada the prices are fairly similar accross the country, about $160 on the west and $200 on the east, depending on the quality. In the Uk prices are fairly steady at a staggering 200 – 250 pounds, not dollars, per OZ.

These prices change rapidly, so I will date this for you and hopefuly i will be able to update them.

Or you can view the prices in real-time here: Marijuana Blog


The Cost for a Half Ounce of Weed

The cost for a half ounce of weed is sometimes not exactly half the price of a full ounce. In the marijuana economy, the more you buy the better deal you will get. For example, if you buy an ounce of kush for $240 don’t expect to pay $120 for a half ounce of the same weed, it may be closer to something like $140 for a half. The same rule goes for smaller amounts like a gram, an eighth, and a quarter, your always better off buying larger quantities if you can afford it to save yourself some cash in the long run.



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